Our Story

The wellness industry is exploding!!

There is a much better understanding now; more than ever of the importance of the 'inside out approach'.
What we eat is of the most important pillars for good health!

The markets are flooded with white labeled brands, and the meaning of words such as 'organic' or 'authentic' are being watered down with smart marketing but no strong brand value. Purefoods was created for this very reason to highlight and source brands and specialty items from farmers who produce food items using sustainable and regenerative farming. Brands that still use traditional and slow methods and care for the earth. Education is our passion, and we (two conscious Mums) are opening up our pantries to you with a highly curated list of clean foods

Join us on this journey with high quality, clean, traditionally and sustainably produced staples.

To health always!

Shareen & Rinku


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