• Peanut Butter Creamy with Jaggery Stoneground 300 gms-Organic
  • Peanut Butter Creamy with Jaggery Stoneground 300 gms-Organic
  • Peanut Butter Creamy with Jaggery Stoneground 300 gms-Organic
  • Peanut Butter Creamy with Jaggery Stoneground 300 gms-Organic

Peanut Butter, Creamy with Jaggery, Stoneground 300 gms-Organic

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Native variety of peanuts are roasted and stone ground in small batches to make this butter along with natural jaggery.

Creamy butter made with roasted peanuts and TBOF jaggery

Oil separation is a natural process. Stir well before use.This product contains no additives. It is free from artificial preservatives,emulsifiers, synthetic fillers or binders. 100% natural.

  • TBOF peanut butter is rich in natural proteins
  • It contains healthy fats from the natural oil of the peanuts
  • It is an energy boosting food
  • It is 100% vegan
  • Rich in Vitamin B and E, it also contains folate,iron ,calcium ,potassium and magnesium.

Store in a cool dry place.

1. Should I store Peanut butter in the fridge?

It is recommended that you consume within 3 months of opening the bottle, during which time refrigeration is not required. If refrigerated after opening of the bottle it can be consume within 6 months. Please do give it a good stir from time to time. You may notice separation which is because we have not added any binding agents.

2. Why is my peanut butter lumpy and stays at the bottom and the oil is on top?

We have not added any binding agents hence you may see separation, just use a spoon that touches the bottom of the bottle and give it a good stir.

3. Why is there a layer of oil on the top of Amorearth Peanut Butter?

This is a natural occurrence happens when we do not add emulsifier (such as hydrogenated oil) which is used to bind the peanut butter and the oil together, which contain trans-fat. To reduce this layer of oil from happening, simply stir the TBOF Peanut Butter before eating it.

4. Are there any preservatives, artificial flavours and colourings in Amorearth Peanut Butter?

NO, Amorearth Peanut Butter is all-natural and without any added preservations, artificial flavours and colourings.

5. The rock salt in peanut butter सेंधा नमक? Can I have it while I am fasting or Upwas?

Yes the Himalayan salt added in our Peanut butter is Sendha namak and can be consume even during fasting.

6. Is it organic? I don't see any certification information on packaging. According to FSSAI rules it should have Certification info on packet?

The Farms have been certified organic by Ecocert - the farms take 4 years - what remains is the processing facility which takes only 15 days - we are in the process of getting the facility certified post which we can have the logos.

7. Are roasted peanuts used in this peanut butter?

We use peanuts which are organically grown on our farm, post which these peanuts are roasted with a technique called salt frying in which peanuts are roasted in the medium of salt in an iron wok. This is how we roast our peanuts. After salt frying these peanuts de-noded i.e. the shoots of the peanuts are removed and they are crushed using stone grinders.

8. What is the percentage of peanuts used to make this peanut butter?

If unsweetened peanut butter then 99.99% peanuts and 0001% salt and if sweetened with jaggery then 82% peanuts approximately and jaggery is 18%.

Peanuts,TBOF jaggery, rock salt

Aneesh a former senior banker and now educationist both he and his wife are fitness enthusiasts & both have been regular consumers and now close friends of Two Brothers Organic Farms products since the last 2 years, they have even visited the farm a couple of times, here he speaks from his heart very candidly, intuitively, unscripted about his experience with the farm products and the immense positive effects they have had in his journey to leading a Healthy and fit life.

Testimonial from Indian American Engineer Siddharth Shukla ordered the ghee in USA.

He did a comprehensive research for many days and finally called upon us, ordered > relished > gave a testimonial for 13 minutes loving every bit of the Ghee and the way we farm and produce our products.

The Open Cow Shed where the cows are kept at Two Brothers Organic Farms and a scientific explanation of their importance.


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