• Yellow Crumb Whole Grain Milk Cake  Mix
  • Yellow Crumb Whole Grain Milk Cake  Mix
  • Yellow Crumb Whole Grain Milk Cake  Mix

Yellow Crumb Whole Grain Milk Cake Mix

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Our additive & preservative free whole grain-protein rich cake mix makes a very nutritious snacking and tea time snack. This cake is made up of ancient grains (Sorghum and Amaranth,) Milk and a hint of raw sugar, in addition to whole wheat and oats, sourced from local Farms. The grains are milled fresh and packed hermetically without the addition of preservatives and other nasties. Milk solids provide bone-building nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin D and A, while addition of wet ingredients namely Eggs and Yoghurt make it an exceptional snack. A piece of cake-that's how everyday should feel. Enjoy!!
Country of Origin: India
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We like to eat well and eat right, while insisting on keeping food as basic and close to nature as possible. Our products are additive free and nutritious enough to be eaten by infants, grandparents and everyone in between. At Yellow Crumb, we've done the mixing and measuring for you - All that's left for you to do is add some more good stuff and dig into! Our 'Whole' and Multigrain Cake mix is meant for fussy eaters. A slice of cake is now a perfect blend of Whole grain and milk. An excellent source of calcium and protein, the combination of superfood Amaranth, Oats, Sorghum and Milk ensures that every bite makes you stronger. The moist cake made with yoghurt and just 2.5 tbsp butter lends a buttery Vanilla profile which makes healthy eating a total pleasure. 


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